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Canon MX340 Printer Filter for Arch Linux

This is a Canon MX340 CUPs filter package for the Canon MX340 series printers under Arch Linux. It is based on Version 3.90 of the officially released Canon Debian packages and has been (hopefully) reorganized to satisfy the Arch file system organization best practices.

I have made several iterations of the packages over the months, hence the high release number. I believe I have now worked out all of the dependencies, and have tested the filters on new Arch installations in both USB and Wifi printing modes.

Fax support has not been tested. Also, packages for scanner support (scangearmp) have not been developed. If you are interested in scanner support, please let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Architecture Support: Unfortunately, the packages were only released in binary form, and only for x86 (meaning only 32-bit) Intel chips. Therefore, there will not be any packages in my Raspberry Pi (armv7h), ODROID-C2 (aarch64) or other systems. Unless Canon one day releases sources for v3.90 or someone more skillful than I updates the older (sorry I don't have a link or remember the exact version) version, it's out of my hands. Sorry!


The best way to download the package is to use my Arch Linux Repository, as this will make sure you always get the latest version of the package. Follow the instructions on that page to add the repository to your system, and then install the filter package:

[sudo] pacman -S cnijfilter-mx340

This will pull in all the dependencies on 32-bit libraries. I believe everything needed is now in multilib, so make sure you have this repository enabled as well in your /etc/pacman.conf.

Manual Downloading

If you must download the files and install manually, you can get them here, along with their PGP signatures:

Source Code

Canon did release some source code to an earlier version of the printer filter. However, they elected not to release the source of the latest version, which to date is 3.90. Unfortunately, that version is now several years old, and it does not appear that Canon will be showing any more activity on this printer.

As it seems to be quite difficult at times to get copies of the original Debian archives, and as the license does not forbid doing so, I am mirroring them here in case anyone finds a use for them. I am also providing signatures so you can verify their authenticity.

cnijfilter-common - .sig
cnijfilter-mx340 - .sig
License -

As for the source of my printer package, you can currently find my sources on my GitLab project.