About Me

Hi, I'm Joe. I'm an aspiring web developer and general technology enthusiest living in the southern Indiana area. Besides working on my web projects, I spend a lot of time reading science fiction and fantasy, messing around with Android devices, and spending time with our three dogs. I also occasionally do some light photography and video editing, but I would by no means consider myself a pro.

I prefer to do most of my work in the Ruby on Rails framework, althouth I am also quite competent with PHP, Wordpress and the Laravel frameworks as well. In fact, this site is written entirely in the Rails framework.

As you can see from the photo, I'm also a life-long Chicago Cubs fan :)

My PGP Keys

While it is generally best to get my PGP keys from a reputable key server, you can also find them below as downloadable files for your convenience. Use the Primary key if you want to get in touch via email or otherwise send encrypted correspondence. I sign all the downloadable files available on my site with the Archive Signing key. Also, please note that these keys have four year life spans, and thus will expire in 2020.

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Joe Robison